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Our goals for 2021

As mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, 2020 was a tough year. We will probably face a few more challenges this year too. Fortunately, we have learned to work remotely and stay connected with our partners via online meetings. Although we had to implement small changes at the mill and our offices, we feel better prepared this time; confident that it will be a brighter year.

We are growing, operations are running, and we want to share some of our goals for 2021!

Quality and new processing methods

Maintaining the quality of the coffees we offer to our partners is our priority. We are grateful to them for respecting and maintaining their contracts, for trusting us, so we need to deliver.

Our partners outside of Guatemala are also having a difficult time. Some have opted to buy coffees with lower cupping scores. However, this does not mean they should not receive quality products. Even if our clients decide not to purchase +85 grade coffees, we are committed to delivering a great product to them, whatever its score may be.

We look forward to delivering a fantastic train of micro-lots to you. We have been working on this for quite some time now, and we are excited to share them with the world. We finally possess the infrastructure to process micro-lots efficiently; we have a great production line and our capacity went up 30%. We cannot wait to share the results with you!

Our partners at Montenegro Farms are also developing new exciting coffees, experimenting with different processing methods and fermentations, using yeasts, playing with different temperatures and drying processes, and getting some amazing, high-quality results. We are confident that you will love the new products, so stay tuned for news on these coffees soon!

Growth and stability

Aggressive market fluctuations cause a lot of uncertainty. The ups and downs of prices and differentials hinder negotiations with producers and buyers alike. These challenges will continue throughout 2021, so we must be cautious and strive for stability this year, as opposed to taking big risks.

Due to higher prices, some partners have opted to buy coffee from other origins. However, we hope that they will continue to grow their business and aim to be a part of their prosperity. We will keep doing our part to make that happen by delivering high-quality beans and by supporting them in any way possible.

Our goal is to sell the same volume of coffee we sold last year and, if everything goes well, to grow at least 20%. Prolonged uncertainty is limiting buyers’ orders. Furthermore, the new US administration could complicate the situation further with stricter restrictions at the border. Nevertheless, we will maintain our efforts to deliver shipments on time, provide quality, support our partners and be as transparent as possible with our buying and producing partners.

We hope to keep collaborating with clients who care about sustainability, fair prices and who want to offer good quality coffee to their customers.

Communication and stronger relationships

We prioritize developing real connections and strong relationships with our partners, producers, and buyers. However, with travel bans, restrictions, and few coffee events and origin trips happening this year, we’ve had to turn to new ways to communicate and stay in touch with our partners outside of Guatemala: a quick message, a Zoom meeting, a small gift delivered to their door.

We understand we are all going through tough times, and we think of them as family, so staying in touch, not only to talk business, is crucial for us. We want our partners to feel valued and connected to Dinamica.

Activating our social media and sharing updates on our blog and website, as well as interviews and educational content with our partners will be key in our plan to strengthen our communication and relationship with our partners. So stay tuned for more blog posts soon!

We know it will take a couple more years before things go back to “normal”. However, we are thankful that coffee has been recognized as a basic good. We pride ourselves in working with producers who strive for quality, and it is exactly this that we aim to provide to our partners outside of Guatemala.

Success and growth for us also means growth for our partners. We do not take for granted that coffee lovers worldwide appreciate the quality and flavors of Guatemalan beans; without a doubt a favorite for many.

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