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Sustainability: Tackling Fluctuation Costs Through Renewable Energy

The last decade, the world’s dynamic has forced businesses to adapt to drastic changes, which include defined long term plans and new investments in order to keep the business afloat in times of crisis.

It is not recent that different events have made costs fluctuate, and today we want to dedicate this blog post to how Dinámica has been working on finding ways to be more independent from certain variables that impact our efficiency and eventually coffee prices stability through renewable energy!

Some Facts about Guatemala and Energy

According to the Global Energy Monitor, that studies the international energy landscape and offers databases and reports, “in 2018, Guatemala derived 57.43% of its total energy supply from biofuels and waste, followed by oil (29.54%), coal (7.68%), hydro (3.22%), and other renewables such as wind and solar (2.12%)”.

“The country’s national energy plan aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29.2% by 2032 through energy efficiency and renewable energy”. In addition to that, Guatemala's policy for rural electrification focuses on renewable energy sources such as Solar PV, wind, small hydroelectric plants and hybrid power plants.

This focus promotes and matches our new project that we are about to share with you all.

“Cleaner, cooler coffee”

Finally the moment has come. We are so excited to share with you our latest project which required a lot of planning, board meetings and sustainable goals projection about what is best for our company to offset part of the energy costs at our dry mill. We have finally started the solar panels execution project!

It consists of 230 solar panels with 125 kWp (kilowatt peak) of the solar plant that will cover 24% of energy use at our dry mill and provide 77.77% of performance to the company. This works also as a backup of energy meaning that it can be used when needed that will also reduce energy consumption and will save energy when not in use.

On top of that, the price of the kWh Photovoltaic is fixed in time and avoids huge increments of the market price which has increased between 40% to 80% this year and doesn't seem to stop.

Our contribution to the environment

Our company always strives to exceed the expectations of each scenario to which we are exposed to and keeping up with the world’s sustainability expectations is a real commitment that is part of our business core.

This project is a crucial investment that will allow our dry mill to reduce its footprint, as well as accessing LEED certifications (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) that will help Dinámica continue to lead sustainable projects that will positively impact our main stakeholders, meaning our producers partners, employees and clients.

We consider this project as a new achievement of our first decade impacting and bringing families together through coffee.

We truly believe that long term planning towards a more sustainable business model is crucial to fight future challenges at origin. Thinking of ways to gain independence in order to get better and more efficient at exporting our coffees is what we have been working on to ensure the best possible product at your destination.

We are very happy to share with you all this new energy project in which we have been working on for the last 3 years!

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