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It’s International Women’s History Month

It is the International Women’s history month and at Dinamica Coffee we are thrilled to be able to support and work with amazing women at different stages of the coffee value chain who are role models for our business.

Women have always fought for their rights, equality, recognition and empathy. Women have many virtues that are projected in every action which make them very special human beings. And today we want to give a special recognition to the women producers we work with and women from our team that day by day give their best to support our business.

Fuerza de Mujer

This is one of the biggest group of women producers we work with, 325 breadwinner mothers from San Martin Jilotepeque, Atitlán and Acatenango in charge of the coffee production activities at their farms, raising their children and taking care of their houses while their spouses work in other ways of income some of these women are also wavers which brings a very important contribution to the local culture and traditions of these regions that still remain thanks to them.

Realizing the big effort they make to take care of their families makes our support even more valuable. From providing training in coffee production, processing, financial management for field work, health and nutrition in addition to other responsibilities they have in order to offer their coffees to the market.

We feel honored to represent their coffees and to tell the world about the amazing hands that process these beans every year. There is definitely a special touch in it.

Our special recognition

We would like to give a special recognition to the group of women who execute different roles at Dinamica Coffee. Their support and dedication are the basis to make our projects real.

Gladis Melara - Traffic Chief

Gladis has been with us for more than 9 years and 15 years in the coffee industry. Her professional career at Dinamica Coffee started with trading and her motivation to keep developing her path has allowed her to become a real expert in everything related to logistics. She loves to lead, teach her colleagues and is very satisfied with being able to transfer her knowledge and seeing how this positively impacts the different processes at the company.

Gladis admires how other women are capable of accomplishing big projects, projects that she can also support through her role.

Lorena Morales - Marketing Chief

Lorena is a marketeer and has been part of our team for more than 3 years. Her connection to coffee started several years ago working as a barista while doing her studies which awoke her desire for starting her professional career as marketeer in the coffee industry.

Nowadays she spends her time creating brand positioning strategies and in charge of public relations at Dinamica Coffee and it has been a great experience that includes challenges when making decisions or trying to achieve new responsibilities, even though she feels proud and happy to be in an environment where 6 out of 35 people are women and she can still decide what is best for the company.

Diana Chavez - Human Resources Chief

Diana recently joined our team with more than 15 years of experience in human resources and feels happy to discover an industry with such a big social network. She is passionate for discovering other people’s talents and helping them to potencialize their abilities and to train other women from whom she can enhance their best professional qualities.

Diana admires those women who are mothers and also perform their professions. She is a mother and she thinks that is one of the most difficult jobs but an enriching one that she will be always proud of.

Maria José Monzon Traffic Assistant at

Dinamica Coffee

We are honored to be surrounded by amazing women who are committed to their roles and feel proud to be leading in their fields of work, women who are self aware of who they are and the great things they can achieve.

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