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Breadwinner mothers leading the coffee production

Mother's day is a very special celebration that honors the beautiful and admirable role of motherhood, the indescriptible love of a mother makes things easier in life, enjoyable and achievable.

This is the opportunity to reflect about how important they are in everything related to coffee farming. In Guatemala, more and more women coffee growers are becoming the breadwinners in their families having to stay at their farms in order to support their husbands who are migrating to other countries to find new ways of income which give to these mothers a new empowerment and leading role in coffee production.


In regions like San Martín Jilotepeque, Atitlán and Acatenango, where a big group of women who are also mothers taking care of the farm business, have been getting training in entrepreneurship and coffee farming techniques to keep their parcels ahead and to find other ways of income in traditions such as weaving.

Weaving is a heritage from the Mayan traditions that has been kept for centuries in these communities, it is part of the domestic chores in addition to caring for their children and keeping their house and farms in good conditions, and today being still a beautiful artwork is also a way for them to add value to their farm businesses.

Fuerza de Mujer Weaving Project

In order to provide support, and help to keep this beautiful tradition that we are honored to present as one of our country’s treasures. We created Fuerza de Mujer in order to complement and strengthen the abilities of mothers weavers and coffee producers to solidify and think of their business for the long term.

All the donations are being used in: training in coffee production, weaving equipment, and financing threads for textiles.

We are aware of the importance of customs and old traditions in our country and how women feel identified with this as a way to preserve their culture and identity so we want this to remain in the years ahead. In addition to that, these women that we admire who are the role models in their families need ways to keep their stability in order to stay in their lands.

Women in Guatemala have become the core of the farm business, therefore, supporting them through our projects brings a huge contribution to our country’s legacy and to our long term relationships with the coffee producing communities.

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