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San Martín Jilotepeque







The Association gathers more than 300 women dedicated to coffee production located in the regions of San Martín Jilotepeque, Acatenango and Atitlán. For 7 years, the associates have been meeting in search of development opportunities for their communities. Many of these women, head their homes alone, as a result of the migration of their husbands to the US or Guatemala City in search of job opportunities.


In 2015, Fuerza de Mujer associated with Asproguate, as the Organization offered them the opportunity to train them in coffee production and processes. In the absence of their husbands these women were left in charge of the parcels and required technical support.


The group has shown commitment and dedication in the trainings in order to maintain the FLO and CJ certifications. Fuerza de Mujer currently has plantations certified under the Fair Trade, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Organic seals; this thanks to the dedication and hard work of the group for several years to maintain the technical requirements of Asproguate.


Lots of dedication and passion can be seen in this group of women, as a result of this, in addition to leading the production of coffee on their plots, a group of around 60 women are also weavers. With the aim of generating income for their families and maintaining the coffee plantations, they work beautiful typical fabrics of the region. Coffee and textiles are the basis of their economy, they combine both activities harmoniously to generate the necessary income for their families.

Fuerza de Mujer provides training focused on women's empowerment, basic financial management for field work, health, nutrition, in addition to the field issues involved in being in Asproguate's organic and environmental program.


We are passionate about the hard work of Fuerza de Mujer, so we want to invest in their development through its typical textiles entrepreneurship. 

Your donation will be used for:

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Donation of

weaving equipment

$40 each

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Financing of

threads for textiles

$55 for textile

Textiles guatemaltecos por @md_josebarrios
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