Hermes Pérez,


The experience of working with Dinámica started more than five years ago, with the need of looking for new markets for our special coffees. Dinámica helped us with financing and advice so we could organize and work with the Organic and Fair Trade certifications.

During these five years they have given us financing and looked for new markets with certified coffees and micro-lots which has helped to strengthen our association and to be able to work without any problem. We hope that this union continues and every day is strengthened for the good of our association.

Andrés Fahsen,

Finca Santo Tomás Pachuj

Dinamica is an innovative and flexible option to work with the requirements of our customers of all sizes and specialties.

David A. Méndez,


My experience with Dinamica 

I am the fourth generation in coffee in my family, I represent K-finos. We are the face of the small and medium producer in Huehuetenango representing their special coffee and unique characteristics per farm. Our work with Dinamica has been very special, with the milling and export service, our relationship is not only work, but friendship and more than friendship we are a family, we always share experiences with coffee each from their part of the chain. The relationship has been very close and very confident, the work has been carried out in the best way. As K-finos we like to live the Dinamica’s experience.