Coffee processing

Wet mill

We enjoy bringing families together through coffee, that’s why traceability is important for us. We can offer you the true story of each bean of coffee you buy: how and where it was grown and processed.

  • Pulping and sorting

  • Fermenting

  • Washing

  • Drying

Dry mill

  • The warehouse was designed and built specially to conserve the quality and shelf life of the bean. The product is palletized and stored under room temperature in proper humidity conditions.

  • We know coffee doesn’t come in entirely clean. This is why at this stage we begin sorting out alien materials. Materials such as: packaging strings, big stones, and even funky objects like shoes and photo cameras are taken to our weird collection.

  • Even the smallest stone could cause serious damage to your grinder, that’s why we invested in highly efficient de-stoning equipment. This machine can even detect small objects as nails.

  • When parchment gets cleaned up we proceed to take out the parchment by a process called hulling. This equipment works with friction and could affect the humidity of the bean if done incorrectly. We have separate equipment for special coffees such as naturals and honeys.

  • Here is where the small and second-hand beans get classified by size.

  • The beans get filtered by density. Low density beans will be rejected, and the first quality beans will proceed to the next step of the process.

  • Beans pass to the color sorting by these hi efficient equipment. The equipment gets programmed to reject any primary and secondary defects regarding color. This machine can process up to 82 lbs. a day.

  • Finally, this is where the preparation ends, the beans get full homogenized and stored waiting to be packed in grain pro or jute bags to be dispatch to its destination.


We have a specialist trading team through whom you can place your coffee anywhere in the world. If you are a producer and you are interested in marketing your coffee, send us a sample by filling out the following form.

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Behind every cup of coffee, we have an entire journey of supply chain involved. We have an awesome team working on logistics to bring the coffee all the way from producers' warehouse to our own insured warehouse. We then coordinate with producers and/or producing organizations to mill the coffee followed to shipping by either air or water accordingly to Guatemala's regulations & upon costumer's request. Today, specialty microlots and direct trade are popular among roasters, and delivering coffee with proper timing and quality is key to the success of our partners in the supply chain; we have an entire platform specialized to process and export specialty microlots.


We know that in every corner of Guatemala you can harvest the best coffee in the world, we want to support you so Guatemalan coffee stands out in any part of the world. Let us know your plans, we want to accompany you.


Quality control

The control in the critical points of the coffee process guarantees a spectacular cup at the end. Our team is directly involved in production, milling, exporting and trading, with over 35 years of experience. We can offer you traceability of the green beans of our list. 

  • Wet mill
  • Dry mill
  • Cupping Laboratory


The packaging and storage of green beans  it is extremely important, in case the coffee is bagged with the wrong materials the final cup can change completely. Dinamica Packaging offers you multiple methods to make sure the beans gets its destiny in perfect conditions.